Don’t FORGET..

Be proud that you learned the true face of those that purposely disappointed and mistreated you over and over again. Don’t treat them any different because they can’t simply treat you they way you want to be treated.

Be there for them anyways. And know your stand.

Don’t question if something wrong with you. When in reality they are the ones doing you wrong. Apologize if you are doing others wrong. This is not a one way thing. You may be innocent in some cases, but don’t forget that you are human.

If having to cut off toxic people out of your life, then do it so.

When you were pushed to this world not knowing what it is all about, only in the end to learn the purpose of life itself. Don’t let your personality be changed by the way climate changes.

In reality, life is all about what you make out of.

You are not living if you not learning.

Sometimes you need you to live, to do better and also help others to do better.

The biggest mistake you can make seeing things exactly how others want you to see.





The very days that I feel like I don’t want to get up from bed are my one of a kind.

Those very days I want to disappear in my room are the days that motivate me to be better. To look deep into my soul and think to myself why am I the way I am.

The days I feel like it hurts to smile are the very days I that I strive to do the one thing that I am good at.

Giving smiles, and sharing smiles.

When you feel like you cannot smile my friend. Go walk up to the mirror and just smile, even if you don’t feel like it. Just try, because some wish to have such smile. 😄

Smiling is the best emotion that one can express. Its also the most beautiful mask you can wear when you’re falling to pieces.

Beauty: What is it?

As I look at the trees with such strong roots. I couldn’t help, but to think of how we see beauty.

Beauty is beyond the silk of a fabric, that fast car, and the young.

Can beauty be something one can hold, but also something that one can feel?

Can you feel beauty? Is there even such thing?

We become the shallowest of all when we describe the beauty of one.

See Asiyah, it’s so hard for her to stay the way she is, because nowadays the way we see beauty is how society want us to see it.

We are lost in the numbers. We judge people from zero to ten.

If beauty is not something one can hold then let it be something one can feel.


Let’s focus on the beauty of the heart; that is something that will forever last. That it has its own unique beat. It controls the big  brain of ours. It’s kind. And it’s NOT MAN MADE.

If at the moment you don’t feel beautiful reflect on the creation of The Creator. Like the ocean. And if you think a human can touch up and change the beauty of the Atlantic and Pacific think again my friend.

You’re as beautiful as the ocean. ❤️..(😊) 


LOVE-ing too much can break you..

Be thankful for the little things.

Can you imagine waking up not being able to know yourself?

And old faces you can’t recognize anymore? Trouble recalling the most important events in your life? If you have children. Not able to tell them you love them because you don’t know their names.

Of course one can not imagine being in such situation.

They say life is what you make out of.

Main point of making is don’t take life for granted.

It is better for all of us to be grateful for the little things in life. As we breathe we’re being washed with the blessings of Allah Azawajal.

By blessings meaning the air we breathe in, mostly our health. If at the moment we’re going through hardship. As long as we have health there is nothing richer than that.

Allah takes away His blessings to make us recognize His Riqz (provision). Since we are not so grateful especially when things are not going the way we expected. We complain.

However, Allah only take away the things that are going to corrupt our hearts. Such as, loving something so much we think we can’t live without it.

People only show each other that they love each other  so they may take something out of that. We know its going to pass, but we hold on to it till it break us. If we make such love something that will forever last, then we are setting up ourselves to be broken.

As we get older we cry for freedom, but there is no freedom.

Also as we get older we are slave to those things we love.

Recognizing and being grateful to the Rizq of Allah is part of living. And the best of love is when it makes you feel alive. Not as time goes, but FOREVER.


From an eye of one who thinks life is what you make out of:

You’ve always wanted it to feel the very moments that make you feel alive.

You see..

Life is going to make you and break you.

Life is like a dishwasher.

To make you means, it’s going to twist you, put you through heat, and while everything is a bit warm then there’s cold of the coldest hit you.

You turn to the very people who are making it like that. You think they are helping. You only think like that because you feel like there’s no where else to turn.

You wonder why people always disappoint you, why they don’t do the things they say.

They play you.

Push your buttons

You know you need to change, but they have control over you. The try to recall your past just to make their point. Like “hey remember when you used to..” You surrender. And be their bestie so they don’t pick on you.

Instead seeking refugee from them. You joined their little circle. So you don’t feel alone.

You know why people leave and disappoint  you. They do that only when you put them first. When you put your heart in their hands. Know why they are not around when you’re at your lowest. When you call them, you don’t hear from them. It because they are like you. Being a human. Living by the Rizq of Allah.

So my beautiful sisters and brothers. Know how to stand alone. Know that no one is perfect. The good will offer good to you. And the bad you will not benefit from, but be there for them anyways. We are here to pick each other up.

We have friends we look at and thankful for putting up with us. So to be a friend you be a friend my friend. 🙂

Don’t look for them, they’ll find you.

Till then don’t be afraid to love yourself. You seek refugee in Allah from the bad. And again the good will find you by being honest to yourself and doing good.