Life is exactly what you make out of.

Do not dislike things too much, or even love it too much. Protect your heart from such strong feelings..

Learning and self-taught is the best thing that ever happened to humans. And there’s a beauty in that. Such as, being able to accept things as it is or having to change it for the better.

Be your own THINKER. I feel like we live in a society where having to think outside the box means one must agree with the next person. If by struggling with self-confidence. Find a way to change that; practice makes it perfect. Be true to yourself though.

Let things be for the way it is. Spend your time with people who are worthy of appreciating you. Again as humans we make mistakes. Such as, trusting too much, getting betrayed, and being belittled. Never do too much or too less. Stay balanced.

Remember “after a storm there is a rainbow.”





She feel like she is drowning.

She is angry, and at same time she is afraid. Times have changed.
Every morning, she wake up, and make up her face just to go through the day and just to feel like old days. She is indeed grateful for those around her, but she is feeling somewhat empty. Wondering if it will get better.

They tell her that she needs to be strong.

Easier said than done. 

They tell her it will get better, but its been so hard that she can’t even lift herself up.

One of the things that she is loved for is making those around her feel better about themselves. By showing them kindness.

Time heals all wounds 

The Best Thing..

When everything is broken and you want it all to be a dream. Ask yourself, are you truly living by protecting yourself when the storm hits? Or are you going to question about the storm? Are you also going to reflect on the storm and be grateful for it.

The best way to deal with the storm is to be grateful. Do not question if it’s going to get any worse. Do not run to the creation, but run to The Creator of the creation. Yes things are getting hard now, but think about the other things that’s going on in your life.

A man with one eye can see the world better than a man with both.

It could be the best thing that ever happened to you. When hardship hits, because it’s getting you ready to the next chapter of your life.

It’s like Erik Erikson’s development stages. So his theory is like you must go through certain stage of development to get you ready to the next stage. I’m pointing this out because of my blog’s name. The purpose of it is to feel our pain and pleasure. And at the same time appreciate these emotions.

I know a lot of us ask about how bad things happen to good people. We only say that because of how we see it. Because we love so and so and all of the sudden they are one of the good people. We need to start believing and living by how life has purpose than just having it our way. God give us a test, but also God give us the gift to cope with our struggles. And Then God congratulate us for having patience by blessing us with the things that we never asked for.

To close with, we ask about life suffering, but we never tend to see the good that comes out of the suffering.

The good in the bad.