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The painting below was inspired by this saying that humbled me through life. Especially in times when all was looking up for me.

And the saying is: A man with one eye can see the world better than a man with both.






Imperfectly perfect.

She was loved for the way she listen and talk. She busy herself by over thinking and analyzing things just to get by in life. That is one of her biggest flaws, but she doesn’t know that she is loved and appreciated.

She’s broken

Somehow she seems like she got it all together. She would break her back for those that she loves.

Her smile is contagious

She is a giver. She never ask for anything in return.

Strangers feel comfortable being around her because the only thing she is good at is smiling.

Some people took her kindness for weakness. They try to make her believe that the world is not always about smiles and giving. She knows that the purpose of life is to do good as long she lives.

God blessed some of us with shelter, food, and health. That is the best of wealth. 

You are meant to feel pain and pleasure because you’re a human. Do not be labeled by those that cannot appreciate your worth.

It’s The Heart That Gives..

“Every Act of Goodness is a Charity” -Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

When we think about giving. We automatically think giving is about the amount we give.

Actually, it is never about the amount, it is about the  heart that gives.

That is a sincere giving.

I want to do a little reflection on the quote above.

The very first thing that comes to my mind after reading the quote is that, I think we can give with our actions.

Giving a smile to the one with no smile is a charity itself.

We live in a world where everything is so fast; technology. And we expect our minds to be faster. We don’t stop a minute to appreciate our surroundings. Sad thing is that we only give when we expect things back. Though Allah Azawajal blessed us with life itself, by being grateful for that, we think of those that are above us. We always want something. It is never anything.

We do not think of those that can’t have the basic needs to survive.

Being human means, being able to feel pain, pleasure. And we have corrupted ourselves by thinking that the pain of others is not our pain.

Again giving is not about the amount one gives, it’s the heart of one that gives. That itself will last forever.

Something so expensive that a billionaire can’t afford is the heart, and even if they do they can’t beat itself. It’s up to you to grow it or let it die. That is something that will forever be with you.