Not many of us are being told to slow down and let life be as it is. Especially when you grow older. No one warned us  about holding onto things. We are expected to be such and such.

Slow down

Care too much about it from far, but care too much for yourself enough to not let it hurt you.

From a personal experience, I am slowly learning to careless about the things that will in the end break me. Slowly starting to appreciate the things I have and the things I will never end up having. Because if its good to me, I’d have it my way. And that saying goes for one who is struggling to let things as it is.

You may be loving someone/something so much that you start letting go of yourself. As for humans, the moment we start letting go of ourselves is the moment we will stop to recognizing our self- worth. A good example would be, water is good for our bodies, we are expected to drink water, but if we drink it too much it could harm us.

To end with, love yourself enough to eliminate the things that may harm you even when they seem to be good for you.



Self-criticism is one of her best characteristics.

At times she shows her weakness, though she try hard to be bubble and full of life. She is struggling. Those that are close to her know that she changed. They can see it in her eyes that she hit so low that she believes there is no way for her to come up again.

We all have our own way of dealing with struggles. Especially when the storm of hardship hit us, we want those close to us to be our backbone. By at least reminding us that we are not alone in such position.

If need to cry out loud, do it! 

However, there is nothing GREATER than the help of God. By praying to him, even when you feel like you are broken. Never underestimate the power of prayer.

In addition, this is something for each and one of us to think about. Do we praise God when life is looking up for us? We are not aware that we are being tested with life,  when there is no hardship. We are being tested with the less fortunate. How we treat them. And if we help them.

To end with, remember we want to surround ourself with people, but we do not need them for us to find ourself. I’m not saying it is humanly possible to never surround ourselves with others, but can we let our characters be defined by the people we surround ourselves with? No. It need to be balanced or we will break.

This life is about making the best out of it.


From an eye of one who thinks life is what you make out of:

You’ve always wanted it to feel the very moments that make you feel alive.

You see..

Life is going to make you and break you.

Life is like a dishwasher.

To make you means, it’s going to twist you, put you through heat, and while everything is a bit warm then there’s cold of the coldest hit you.

You turn to the very people who are making it like that. You think they are helping. You only think like that because you feel like there’s no where else to turn.

You wonder why people always disappoint you, why they don’t do the things they say.

They play you.

Push your buttons

You know you need to change, but they have control over you. The try to recall your past just to make their point. Like “hey remember when you used to..” You surrender. And be their bestie so they don’t pick on you.

Instead seeking refugee from them. You joined their little circle. So you don’t feel alone.

You know why people leave and disappoint  you. They do that only when you put them first. When you put your heart in their hands. Know why they are not around when you’re at your lowest. When you call them, you don’t hear from them. It because they are like you. Being a human. Living by the Rizq of Allah.

So my beautiful sisters and brothers. Know how to stand alone. Know that no one is perfect. The good will offer good to you. And the bad you will not benefit from, but be there for them anyways. We are here to pick each other up.

We have friends we look at and thankful for putting up with us. So to be a friend you be a friend my friend. 🙂

Don’t look for them, they’ll find you.

Till then don’t be afraid to love yourself. You seek refugee in Allah from the bad. And again the good will find you by being honest to yourself and doing good.